Whatever you do and no matter what measures you are doing, carpets in your will still suffer from wear and tear especially if you have kids and pets at home. Although you can minimize the injuries of your carpet, that is sure to come. To minimize the injuries of your carpet, you should start from the time the carpet is not home yet, it begins from the selection of your carpet to install. Always remember that durability and how the carpet will react to stain is more important than the color and style so consider this well.

Whether your kids bring dirt and mud from the outside, a juice might spill or your pet bring you unpleasant surprise, these three carpets will surely maintain their quality even with many oppositions.

Synthetic Fiber Carpet

Before you start looking for a perfect carpet for your home, you might be amazed if you discover that there are so many options of carpet to choose from. Do yourself a favor and narrow down your selection to synthetic carpet Minnesota.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a sturdy and is a high resistant carpet that is holding its shape well. Although it is a bit more expensive than other types of carpet, its quality and colors will be going to last longer compared to other materials like loop style carpet that can easily snag. If you think that your carpet will receive a heavy traffic inside your home, this type of carpet will be your great choice. Nylon is a strong fiber which has a high resiliency which means it has the ability to bounce back when it is stepped on and become compacted or flattened. It is the most common synthetic fiber and was considered as the ultimate carpet fiber for its durability

  • Polyester

If you want a highly resistant carpet, polyester can be your best option for this kind of carpet do not easily absorb stains but still give you the softness that you ever wanted. When you want the quality and functionality of the carpet, polyester will be a great choice for you. Polyester is a very versatile fiber and is used for a very long time in the carpet industry. This was considered as lower quality than nylon but because of the advancement of technology, polyester has become more durable than it is before.

  • Triexta

Triexta is the newest type of carpet fiber in the carpet industry. It comes from the same material as polyester but they have several differences. Triexta is more resilient and softer than the standard polyester. This is made through biotechnology utilizing corn glucose making this type of carpet more eco-friendly that other types of carpet.

Choosing a Medium Shade Carpet

By the time you have settled on which type of carpet you are going to acquire, the next step is to choose on its color. Every homeowner wants to have their carpet look new and fresh always and you can have this by choosing a carpet color that is medium shade because light and dark colored carpet is likely to get dirtier faster and easier.