If you’re thinking about a next project for your company, or school, and even to a charity work then the best way is to have a raffle and win prizes. You would be able to attract more people to join in this kind of activity and be able to gather enough funds for your project and help others. You could actually ask help from different companies as well like the famous restaurant in your area, Utah tow truck service, gadgets, grocery, freebies, foods, souvenir and many others. This would be a great idea to start but of course, you need to make sure that you’d do your best to sell those numbers of tickets to be successful.

The prize of the ticket would actually depend to the items and grand prize that you are going to have for the said event. Some would be willing to purchase a lot of tickets as long as they knew that this one would go to a certain charity beneficiary that you’re going to help. It would be fine to have gadgets or groceries and even school supplies will be the prize if you are going to have this one to the kids or students. You could go for a car as the best and top 1 prize if your potential buyer would be businessmen or people who have enough money to join this raffle.

If you already agreed with other members of the project to have a car as a prize for the one who will win in the raffle. Then, you need to decide with them about the car that you are going to give away for that winner of the raffle activity. Of course, you have to consider about the possible cost of the car and the total money that your raffle tickets could get. Try to think about the possible customers that you are going to sell those tickets as for logic you can’t sell an old car to most younger adults.

Of course, you have to find a way to purchase the car that you are going to use as the prize for the raffle activity. You can make a lot of ways like asking for some donations from the different companies and people or even to the car manufacturer. You can talk to the manager or to the owner of that car dealer agency to give you a great discount as you would want to use for helping charity.

Avoid focusing to the main prize only, as you have to consider as well some minor prize and don’t be selfish to give good prizes. It would give the people a chance to buy more tickets as they could see good prizes from the table. Don’t forget to meet a legal person or attorney about setting up this kind of event in order to be formal and you are doing things legally. You need to advertise and tell your friends about this one so that they can help you to sell more raffle tickets and gain more money.